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Une fois que vous aurez créé votre compte en choisissant un identifiant, mis votre email, votre mot de passe et inscrit la vérification visuelle, je vous invite à lire la charte, et il faut cocher la case "je suis d'accord", puis cliquer sur le bouton inscrivez-vous.
Vous recevrez alors un email vous disant que votre compte doit être approuvé par un administrateur.
A partir de ce moment là, nous allons valider votre compte. C'est généralement assez rapide (entre 1 à 4 heures), au maximum 8 heures si vous vous inscrivez le soir le temps qu'on se réveille  Sourire

Once you have created your account by choosing a username, set your email, your password and registered visual verification, I invite you to read the charter, and must check the "I agree" then click the button register.
You will receive an email telling you that your account must be approved by an administrator.
From that point, we will validate your account. It's usually pretty fast (between 1-4 hours), maximum 8 hours if you sign up at night time you wake up  Sourire

Translation Help
Choisissez un identifiant: / Choose a username
Courriel: / Email   -   Cacher l'adresse courriel au public ? / Hide email to the public?
Choisir un mot de passe: / Choose a password
Vérifier le mot de passe: / Verify Password
Vérification visuelle: / visual check

Translation charter
For the well-being of the community that you are now part and respect for other users, you must submit to some natural rules of politeness grouped in the user charter.

Art.1: None character messages will be tolerated on the forum.
Art.2: Any insulting or vulgar about is prohibited.
Art.3: The forum is secular and apolitical.
Art.4: Proper talked required: no chatspeak!
Art.5: The titles of topics must be explicit and waste uppercase wisely.
Art.6: The rise in old subjects should be avoided unless it really is relevant.
Art.7: To quote someone, use the "Quote".
Art.8: The flood is forbidden (multiple writing the same message).
Art.9: We must remain in the original conversation thread.
Art.10: The images, and too large or colored texts should be avoided signatures.
Art.11: Links in contradiction with the French law is prohibited.
Art.12: Some abbreviations are tolerated. See the "Important Announcements" forum.
Art.13: The ads and insults are prohibited in private messages.
Art.14: Only moderators can reprimand. Users can use the "Notify" to prevent a moderator.
Art.15: The remarks contrary to French laws are prohibited. The copyright of rape in particular.
Art 16: The links to the online shops are forbidden (ND: appliquable to L'Antre). However, you can include.

User Charter
1- All messages sent to the forum are for the majority of members. It would therefore be inappropriate to find personal messages and irrelevant. In addition, no subject should be registered: no personal names, addresses or contact information releases on the forum.

2. The proper functioning of this forum requires respect and courtesy. It is therefore inappropriate to insult or denigrate other forum members. Any insult will be erased as soon as possible. It's the same for the vulgar.

3- The diversity of religious, cultural and ideological backgrounds of people who have access to this forum, it must remain secular and apolitical. Therefore you are requested not to address this kind of topic on this forum and not to practice any form of segregation or discrimination.

4. The means of communication that is offered by this board gives you time to compose your messages properly. Make the effort to read your messages or to use a spell checker. Thus the chatspeak, judged inappropriate on this forum will be deleted. The chatspeak is a "language" that is to shorten almost systematically all words of a message, ignoring the rules of spelling, grammar, syntax ... of the language. The statements on about compliance with this point are left to the discretion of the moderators who will make them privately to the user.

5- Everyone not devoting the same time reading the forum, be sure to use explicit titles related to the message subject for your discussion topics, which will allow members to read only what interests them . The box 'description of the subject' is particularly recommended to better focus your comments. Written entirely in uppercase titles are forbidden because unpleasant reading. Note that you can correct the titles of the topics that you create.

6- In the words of another user, it is mandatory to use the QUOTE forum or to clearly show an obvious way by the fact that he quotes a source other than himself. A user who cite abused without using an appropriate way the forum will be forced to change his message on pain of removal of said message.

7. It is forbidden to write the same message several times (if this happens to you anyway, you can use the delete function to delete the duplicates). It is also inappropriate to write messages repeatedly without the intervention of another user between. Instead use the edit function to add to your first message information that you want to bring a complement. Similarly, to avoid the flood (sending mass messages), you are advised to ask yourself the following questions before you press the "Send" button: "Is it worth all that I write this on the board? " and "Do I can not find my answers by myself?".

8. It is necessary to avoid deviating too far from the initial conversations so that those who wish to remain in the subject are not hindered. If you find it useful to change the subject, then consider creating a new topic in the most appropriate place on the forum. It is not impossible that the messages are deleted if they unnecessarily divert the conversation.

9- The forum allows you to display a personal signature at the end of each message.
Since not all users have a broadband connection, we remind you that you can not show the signatures in viewing a topic: See "Mes contrôles (My Controls)" (top right), "Options", "Paramètres du forum (Settings Forums)". Moreover, you are asked not to put image and the text too big or colorful in your signature (to avoid longer signatures as the message). [Color] [size] and [img] are thus avoided. In addition, signatures are limited to 200 characters.

10- If you realize that a user violates the Charter (especially about chatspeak), you can alert a / moderator (s) by clicking the "Notify" button. The reprimand of law is left to the discretion of the moderators, the "flaming" (practice of belittling a public user) is not permitted (see Article 2). Similarly, if you think a moderator is abusing its rights, please contact a Grand Moderator of the section so that it advises. If this would be a Grand Moderator, contact an administrator.

11- We remind you that you're on a French forum, and you so you need to respect French law, particularly with respect to racism, homophobia and illegal copies of works including copyrighted Alkemy. The site owners, administrators and moderators can not beings held responsible for what is written by members of the Forum, but will sanction remarks contrary to French law.

12- The rules listed above are valid on all section of Alkemy Forum. In addition to these, some sections have own rules that you can view by clicking on the "RULES OF THE FORUM ..." preceded by an icon representing a danger sign. Write in one of these sections assumes that you have read all the rules.

Now you can introduce yourself to other forum members in the appropriate forum topic "Club / Players"

Thank you for your attention.
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