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1  UK Section - Community / General Discussion / Re : hello from New Brunswick Canada. le: 27 Janvier 2014 à 23:34:44
lol well hello Nappen i just posted on miniwargaming mentioning you and this game it is because of you that i found it. I saw Whispe's intro post and your reply and searched for the game. And the sale i found was on miniature market. If i like the models i will be adding to the collection just got the starter sets for now as it was the best value.
2  UK Section - Community / General Discussion / hello from New Brunswick Canada. le: 24 Janvier 2014 à 21:52:05

I just found this game when it was mentioned in an introduction post on

I have ordered the starter sets for the Aurlok Nation, Empire of the Jade Empire and the Kingdom of Avalon after finding them for only $9 each. I am glad to see that there are still people playing this game and updating it and i look forward to the release of the updates in english.

If you have any helpful information for someone trying to start out especially a english player please let me know.
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