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: English forum
: nicoleblond 02 September 2016 à 13:55:26
Hi, we would like to establish a UK forum. Our English friends do not come to this forum because it is in French, and all registration details are also French, certainly limiting access. We are looking for someone who would help us create a UK forum (with the default language for all matters concerning entries), we lack time to deal with it.
It would create sections, the idea would be to start from the base of the forum.
The motivation of this forum is primarily to enable the UK community can play in chronicles Mornea at first, and then be able to communicate with the community, present the news, in short, to realize what we are doing here but in the language of shakespear :)

If someone has the skills and motivation, he contacts me :)
thank you in advance

: Re : English forum
: Saramin 03 October 2016 à 19:52:36
I know this is like a month old thread, but I thought I would chime in.

it is not impossible to get registered if you don't speak or read French (I did).

that said, I would love to see an English Forum (or at least a translation to the Registration pages).

: Re : English forum
: nicoleblond 03 October 2016 à 21:02:37
I communicated on Facebook, website, Kickstarter page, newsletter, to ask if someone could help us build a forum in English, but nobody answered :-(
I answer if "international" players are interested to come on english forum for alkemy?

Maybe we should put in place a number of things, including organized game, it would perhaps come Player?

: Re : English forum
: Saramin 04 October 2016 à 00:08:42
that is possible.  I plan to start demos in a week or so.

: Re : English forum
: Saramin 04 October 2016 à 15:31:38
I am going to ask around... if I can get someone willing to do up the English forum I will let you know.

: Re : English forum
: Saramin 04 October 2016 à 17:29:35
so a friend of mine suggested that I use a free forum site.  I am looking at it

if any one wants to give it a visit

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